Nec 3650a dvd+r dl booktype



How do I change the booktype settings to dvd rom for dvd+r dl discs with my nec 3650a burner?



Depends on your burning app. Which do you use?


I use imgburn, but when i try to change the booktype in that on the nec tab it says
Unknown (Failed!)
Reason: Invalid command operation code

the necwinflash.exe program lets me change the booktype for dvd+r sl and dvd+rw but not dl


OK, then go to liggy&dee’s site and download an approriate firmware with Bitsetting enabled, also download necflash.


I am already using the 108c rpc1 firmware from

necflash gui says dvd+r dl bitsetting is not available. Is there no way round this?

Is there a different firmware i should be using?



Check the drive properties using dvdinfopro or nero infotool.