NEC 35xxa Questions

Hello all. First off thanks so much for all your help in the past, everyone here is very helpful. I have 3 quick questions.

  1. I have the choice between the NEC 3500a and 3520a, which is the superior drive?

  2. With DVD Decrypter, the 3500a only rips at around 2.0x. I believe flashing to a new firmware would fix this problem. Does the 3520a also have this rip lock?

  3. Assuming both have the rip lock problem, what firmware version do you recommend for question #1’s drive pick?

Thanks all.

On paper the ND-3520A is superior, but so far the 3500A has better write quality. With firmware updates it may be possible for the 3520A to match its older brother.

Read The Big NEC FAQ.

Two Degrees, thanks for your thoughts, I hope that happens.

Wesociety, I did. However, I don’t see any comparisons between these 2 drives on that FAQ, do you? Thanks.

Two Degrees already answered your question 1.
Question 2 & 3 are answered in the NEC FAQ, so you obviously didn’t read that part of it…

Wesociety, I did read the NEC FAQ, before posting this thread. Forgive me for still having some questions. Perhaps I mis-read a sentence, or did not understand some verbiage, I’m still learning about all of this.

This is a forum in which people exchange questions and answers correct? When you just go around posting “Read The Big NEC FAQ.” like your handing out Halloween candy, its a bit frustrating for the newbies, particularly when my questions are not completely covered in said FAQ. For example, an in-depth discussion, or links to comparisons between the 3500 and 3520…nope. Does the 3520 share the same riplock problem as the 3500…nope not in there either. So I don’t think I’m out of line posting these questions in a thread. I’m not trying to be rude, its just difficult when your trying to learn something new, and someone is putting your lack of experience back in your face, that’s all. Thanks for your time.

just an fyi… it is not you in particular but all of the noobies asking the same ? over and over. the reason for the faq is to handle those same questions.

Q: What is riplock and do I need it?
A: Riplock is a term used for locking the reading speed on a drive for certain media types. For example a DVD-VIDEO will only read back at a certain speed, somewhere around 4X - 5X. This keeps the film makers happy as you won’t be able to backup a DVD very quickly. Another use for riplock is keeping noise levels down when playing back a DVD movie on your PC.

In most patched firmwares riplock has been removed, allowing faster rip speeds, these will generally only affect pressed DVD discs. For DVD5 (SL) the drive will generally reach its max read speed with riplock removed. For DVD9 (DL) the rip speed will be much reduced. In the case of the ND-3500 series drives, about 7X is all you should expect.
Riplock removed can make a drive noisier when playing back pressed DVD’s on your PC.