Nec 35xx faceplate exchange?




I just got a 3520A burner, but I had to take a black one, the reseller had no white or silver versions :frowning:

I’m wondering if it’s possible to get a white or silver faceplate from NEC…


You should be able to get a Silver one from many of the online vendors. Getting a white one may prove difficult though.
Any 35xx series bezel will do, they are all the same.


I think newegg and directron still have silver verison of ND3520A. Just come back from directron walk-in store. :bigsmile:



Have you thought about painting it? I’ve done this in the past and it is easy with good results. Just be careful not to get any paint into the drive it self.


Well, the faceplate is easily removable, but I doubt I could find an appropriate paint for it :slight_smile: … and if the drive fail, I doubt NEC’s RMA would appreciate such a treatment :cool:

The worst thing is that I also have a 2500A burner (white) but the faceplate slightly changed between the 25xx and the 35xx series: the earphone plug and volume has disappeared and the top of the metal chassis has another shape :sad:

Okay, thanks for the advice. I’ll try with some online vendors then.
BTW, thanks for your great firmware mods :slight_smile:


Now my old plextor ultraplex is black…
I used a universal faceplate made by coolermaster.
There is in black and silver…


Well, I finally scavenged an old NEC 9100 by removing its front bezel. It modded the upper part to allow it fo fit the 35xx chassis. It now fits perfectly but I have empty holes where the volume & earphone plug were :wink: