Nec 3550A

well I never make it to read any DVD+R or DVD-R only some original Movies(well some times the other ones but when I tried to copy something, data for example, make me a lot of errors and frezze the computer) I bought this one a year ago, I tried to fix it changin the firmware( I tried more than 4 and the 1.06(the worts if you ask to me), well the question is , may I take back it to the Warranty if I turn the firmware back to the original 1.05? well the DVD started to fail before I did the update. thanks a lot


Please be advised:
Although every care is taken to make sure this download does not harm your drive in any way, you flash your drive with this firmware at your own risk. Neither Liggy, Dee nor CD Freaks will be held responsible for any damage to your drive.

In downloading and flashing or using this firmware or tool, you agree to accept responsibility and accept that by doing so, you will have no legal right to compensation from Liggy, Dee or CD Freaks if something should go wrong.

You also accept that by flashing or using a firmware or one of our tools, you also give up the right to make any warranty claim against NEC or their OEM in case something goes wrong.

Please disable any download accelerator software before proceeding. Not doing so might result in broken downloads.

When using the modded firmware you agreed, you voided your warranty.

You should have rma’ed the drive long time before, when you discovered the drive was failing.