Nec 3550a won't read ps2 disc's



Hi guys,

I have searched google (brought me here) and i’ve briefly looked around this forum for answers.

Side note; I have a modded ps2 that is my personal ps2 and I wish to create a back-up of 6 ps2 games of my own collection. Playing them online I don’t care about.

None the less; my Nec dvd-rw drive won’t read the ps2 formatted disc. I have flashed the drive with the most current firmware from nec’s website (1.06 i believe) and nothing. I can insert the ps2 dics, go to my computer on Windows XP and the icon doesn’t change for the drive. If i click the drive itself it says ‘Please inset a cd’ so its not even getting read at all.

Any ideas? Thanks.




I am having the same problem. This DVD burner been great until now.

Please help, I know someone has an idea.


It cannot be read the way you have tried… If you have luck it can be copied with special software like Alcohol.


I’ve tried using Alcohol 120% and DVD Decrypter. Both keep saying no disc found. I am using the 1.Y6 firmware.

What should I do/use to read the disc?


Then your system/OS has some issues, AFAIK.