NEC 3550A won't read disks it burned

I have had the 3550A for a couple of weeks now. I’ve upgraded the firmware to 1.06. I still have the same problem…it doesn’t like dvd burned disks. The disks it burns are high quality when scanned on a 3540A. They play great on my stand alone DVD player. Is this a common problem? It doesn’t same to have the same problem on burned CD’s. Trying to decide whether to RMA the drive or dealing with it. It rips commercial DVD just fine. Anyone else have this problem?

.it doesn’t like dvd burned disks.

What exactly should that mean?

Are disks not read +R, -R or both? My 3520 drive rips fine too but doesn’t read -R burned disks while reading +R burned disks fine. I’ve read other NEC users also having problems not reading burned -R media. Also test results of the 3550 drive rates it below average on the reading test which is why I chose Pioneer 111D over NEC when I recently added another drive. Your problem could be some other issue if it doesn’t read burned +R too.

The only DVD’s I’ve tried is -R’s. Maybe I should get some +R’s and see what results I get with them.

My NEC 3520 does this, it will not read +R that it writes but will read other +R, burns them just fine scans fine but I cannot read the discs it burned - SOMETIMES it will not read -R either - I’m buying a new writer today and was going to get a 3550 but if this has the same issues I’m not so sure now.

You guys better look for the solution to your problem elsewhere, almost %99 of these drive these days are designed as double format drive (+/-RW) that means the drive is capable to read and write on and from +/-R or RW disk and NEC 3550 or any of NEC is no exception to this. So look for real problem and find out where it is come from.

It could be the media, or the burn speed. Try a different brand media, and try a slower/faster burn speed. You might also want to try a different firmware. Mine came with 1.5 3 weeks ago, and I immediatly flashed to 1.Y6. And if those fail, try moving it to a different ide channel. The smallest thing can sometimes fix the problem.

I just bought a 3550a from newegg, and have burned about 200 +r/-r in the last week using nero and dvd-decryptor with no problems. I am picking up another as soon as they go on sale.