NEC 3550A will not copy dvd's burned from HP burner

I just got my NEC ND-3550A burner and it burned movies great that were already on my computer. When I went to put in a dvd that someone else made for me with an HP burner it would start and it is always about 1:11 after it starts it stops with a read error.

My old burner use to read them just fine, I have tried many of the other movies they have burned for me and still the same problem. Now when I put in a movie that I burned with my old Sony burner, it reads them just fine.

I think the burner is having a problem with reading dvd-r from an HP burner. Oh, and the media is all different, some Maxell, some Nextech, some Memorex, all sorts of it and none of them work from the HP burned.

Is there any way to fix this so that it will read these dvd’s because I really do not want to send this one back too. Thanks.

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It appears the problem is that the DVD recorded with the HP Burner contains errors. To verify this use Nero CD-DVD Speed ( and test the DVD recorded with the HP Burner for errors. Using Nero CD-DVD Speed perform a ScanDisc surface scan of the DVD. If the ScanDisc surface scans reveals Bad (Red) sectors indicate that the DVD recorded with the HP Burner contains read/write errors and is the reason that it will not work correctly. A DVD that contains Bad (Red) sectors is defective. Just because a recorded DVD appears to play properly in some DVD device is no indicator that it is an error free quality burned disk. The true indicator that a recorded DVD is an error free quality burned DVD is to use a diagnostic software utility program similar to Nero CD-DVD Speed

Another note -> Memorex media is noted for poor quality. The other DVD media you mentioned is not the high quality media and will only prove to be problematic. Suggest visiting the CD Freak Blank Media Forum ( research which DVD Media is proven high quality media. In many circles Taiyo Yuden is considered high quality top of the line media. Rima.Com ( is a good reliable source of Taiyo Yuden media. If you value you recorded DVD data you will use only proven high quality media.

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Is there any way to get the 3550A to skip or ignore the bad sector(s)? My other drive would copy them just fine so it must have skipped or ignored the error. I completely understand what you are saying though. Maybe there would be another way for them to burn without any bad sectors because since the dvd’s burn and play just fine for them in any dvd player they have tried, I doubt they are going to want to replace their burner for that reason.

why dont you put your other drive back in the machine and use it for the reader and use the Nec for the burner. Most people have 2 or more drives.

I am suspecting the HP drive that burned these discs is acutally an LG drive.
The NEC firmwares have a problem with reading back DVD-R discs burned on an LG drive. I have also seen this issue on a Mad Dog rebadge of the NEC ND-3540, all firmware versions on the 3540 fail to read the LG written DVD-R discs. No other drive I have fails reading these discs and I have many other drives.
Bottom line: The problem is with the NEC not the discs.

My other burner quit on me, but I guess I can just go buy a dvd-rom drive to read the discs and then use this one to burn… What are some good and fast dvd-rom drives that would work good? Thanks.

Another thing, do you guys think if I get them to burn my movies onto dvd+r would it work or still not if they are using that same HP or LG burner?

In regards to my post with the LG/NEC DVD-R problems, there was no issue when using DVD+R discs. So that should work.

Depends on how big of a hurry you are in. If you order from somewhere online you can normally get one for about 1/2 the price maybe around 20 bucks US. If you go to a retail store it might cost closer to 35 or 40 dollars, for that price you can buy another burner online. I have both an Nec 3550 and a Pioneer 111 on this system and they work well together. Retail you’ll find drives mostly made by Artec not real good in my opinion, you may want a Liteon reader. But I still think you’d be better served by adding another burner.