NEC 3550A (was Memorex) can I use Liggy Dee 1.Y6

At the liggy dee site it says 1.Y6 can only be used with original NEC drives. Mine is a memorex drive converted to a NEC drive string using liggy dee drive converter.

I’m really just looking for the fastest fw with rip lock removed and ritek DL media support.

Should I just use 1.Y5? At the liggy dee site it doesn’t have the same warning about original drives for the 1.Y5 fw as opposed to the 1.Y6 so I’m assuming I can use 1.Y5 on a crossflashed memorex.

I’m under the impression that NEC stock 1.05 and 1.06 fw do not have rip lock removed that’s why I’m opting for a liggy dee modified.

You should have no problems using 1.Y6 however, Ritek DL media is not the best choice IMO. I think you would have more success with Verbatim DL media on any drive or firmware.

Thank you for your reply but now I’m more confused than ever.

I just read in another thread (here) that 1.Y6 absolutely should not be used on crossflashed drives. "WARNING! This firmware will not work correctly on cross-flashed drives. You must have an original ND-3550A drive to use this firmware."
I have a memorex 16x DDL-IN so doesn’t this mean this isn’t an original 3550A even though essentially it is? lol :confused: In other words, going from a memorex drive string to an NEC drive string (on an NEC drive) is not considered a “true” crossflash?

That thread also says NEC 3550A’s are not riplocked to begin with so I guess I don’t have to worry about a fw update to remove riplock.

I have mkm 001’s but this week office depot is having a sale for $16 for 25 ritek DL’s but from what I’m reading I should just pay more (sometimes a LOT more) for the mkm 001’s.

What would be the best binflasher to use for windows xp with sp2? Binflash 1.26?

If your drive is indeed a 3550 clone, you didn’t even need to use NEC Converter, you could have just used 1.Y6. 1.Y6 is bundled with Binflash or you can use the latest version of Binflash from the site.

Be careful. Some third party firmware modders have taken it upon themselves to purposely sabotage their firmware for crossflashed drives. You will not even know what they did until it starts spitting out coasters.

Not true and you should be very sure of your facts before making rash statements like this.