NEC 3550A to 4551A Crossflash

I know these types of comments aren’t really liked too much. I will be quick.

When using a “tool” to convert my drive, I get down to the part where I select the drive to change it to. Here I select 4551A and begin the changing process where I get the error:

Entering boot-mode OK
Sending bootcode to drive - OK
Sending bootcode checksum to drive // x 24 sense // -x0002 = -2 = plscsi.main exit int
ERROR: bootcode checksum rejected

At this point my drive LED is flashing, and I select the drive in the “tool” and verify that it is in fact 4551A.

Ok, so then I restart. My drive stops flashing, bios still recognizes it as a 3550A, windows still sees it as a 3550A, but the “tool” still recognizes it as a 4551A.

I then try to flash the drive with 4551A 1-X3 firmware, with binflash 1.24, but I get the error: “error entering safe mode”.

My drive still works, but it is still 3550A. What am I doing wrong?