NEC 3550A..slow burning speeds

Hey all!

I have a new NEC 3550A that I bought when I bought my computer together. It had great reviews on newegg, so I went for it. Now, when I try to burn through Nero Pro 7, it will only allow me to burn at 12x speeds even though I’m using (I think) 36x CD’s to burn unto. I can burn at faster speeds, but the faster speed I burn, the sooner the burn fails. Usually is a buffer overrun problem. Any idea what would cause this issue? Picky about the media it uses?

Use better media and update the drive’s firmware if possible.

Buffer underruns? Looks like either a DMA or disc fragmentation issue to me. :confused:

Or it could be, just as Chef mentions, that your blanks are of poor quality and can’t stand the higher writing speeds.

Or both.