NEC 3550a Slow Burn Speeds?

Please forgive me for I am a newbie…

I have the nec 3550a internal dl dvd burner. I use dvd decrypter to burn my image file. The fastest speed I get on the following media are as follows:

verbatim 2.4x dvd +r dl 2.1 burn speed

verbatim 16x dvd-r 2.1 Burn speed

Now if I use my plextor px708a for the 16x dvd-r I get the max it can do of 4x

I have the orig firmware for the nec 3550a of 1.05

Do I need a different firmware for it to burn faster on the media I have or do I need to change a setting in dvd decryptor. I have it set at max write speed.

Any help or sugestions???


Usually this points to disabled DMA mode.

Enable DMA for your burner.

Ok… How do I do that…?


I checked the primary & secondary IDE channels and they say DMA

Thanks for your help. I checked in windows xp and it said dma, then I checked in my bios and it was not. Changed it. Works GREAT now.

Verbatim dvd-r 16x burns at 14-15x speed now

Verbatim dvd+r dl 2.4x burns at 4-5x now

Again, thanks for leading me in the right direction…