NEC 3550A Retail + Internet Suite for $9.99 AR



@ Tiger direct, sorry did not put tigerdirect in the title to scare you guys away, good luck on $90 Rebate. Cheers



they’d be aswell just giving them away to any stranger awalking by.

good find, but from the UK not so good for me, + the rebate thing screws my head a bit :doh:


they’ve been bundling that Interne thing with everything lately and offering ridiculous rebates. i was tempted to try it on a hard drive. instead i just bought the hard driv eby itself with a single rebate. it only cose me lik $10 more, but it’s worth it considering the annoying hassle of multiple rebates…especially when more than one of them require ORIGINAL UPC codes and thign slike that…you’re screwed no matter what.


I learned my lesson with that free cheese. My hand still hurts.


They always say It is too good to be true.