NEC 3550A - Reading Region Encoded DVDs

I have a NEC 3550A. It had custom firmware installed on it and was working fine until a couple of weeks ago. I was running vista when the problem occured. I read about how Vista doesnt play nice with RPC1 drives, so I reflashed the drive with stock firmware.

the drive can read data cds, DVDs that arent region encoded, and data dvds. It also burns fine. but for some reason it cant read region encoded DVDs and I cant figure out why.

I’ve tried moving the burner from one PC to another. I get the same results on both. One is Vista and the other is Windows 2003 Server.

Now the question is, is the burner dead or dying?? or is it something wrong with the region protection of the drive?

when you check the region protection on the drive it shows as RPC2 protected with 0 resets. When I insert the DVD, it immediately goes back to “no region protection” and doesnt see the disc.

i’m just stumped, any ideas?