NEC 3550A Multiple Burning CDR Problem

hi i just got two nec 3550a burners along with a benq 1640 i already had
and im having problem burning two or 3 at a time with cdrs…for dvds i have no problem as i can burn 3 at a time…i have all the newest firmware and all but the necs both fail when doing two or 3 at a time…the benq is flawless no matter how many i do…i tried lowering the burn speeds and i will try to change media as i am using philips cdrs…if anyone has any other suggestions please let me know thx

2 or 3 dvd burners burning dvd’s at the same time.

I’d like to see that hardware combination.

are all the drives on their own IDE channel or…?

Or did you mean 3 in a row with “3 at a time”??

yeah i have 3 dvd burners which are burning all at the same time using nero…i have a amd xp 2800 with 1 gig of ram so nothing great…i have the benq and one of the necs together with benq the master and nec slave…and i have the other nec a slave drive with my main hard drive as master…again im having no problems with dvds its just cdrs which i just dont understand

I personally wouldn’t even try to burn more than 2 dvds at the same time unless I had a real duplicator…

I do 2 cd/dvd at a time quite a bit with 2 3540’s. They are slaves on primary and secondary ide. I’ve never had a bad burn and I use full speed (well 16x for dvd and 32x for cd because I’m using TY’s). I am getting ready to add a couple more 3550’s as they are supposed to be the same drive and 40’s are around much, anymore.

Not bad, really not bad. Sounds nice.

so no one has any idea? everyone seems to be in order just really strange that dvds are working perfect and cdrs are having problems…all i can say is that benq drive is incredible so if anyone ever wants to buy a burner i cant say enough about that one

Maybe updating Nero could help you with.

You know, Nero always comes with bugs, and updates resolve most of them but bring new ones with it.

i have your answer…
for the burners to be able to multiplex you need the hardware to perform similarly when burning. as an example in one of my systems i have 2 3500’s and an external liteon 1633. i swapped the 1633 to internal at one point so i had 1 1633 and 1 3500. i could no longer duplex when burning dvds as the 1633’s write strat was so much different than the 3500 that nero could not compensate for the difference (the liteon was CLV and the 3500 was CAV for burning the media.

from this chart (in the 1640 review) you can see the different drives cd burning capabilities. my guess is that the nec’s and benq are sooo far apart (the nec/maddog starts 3x faster) that it is enough to hang nero:

very interesting cnlson so do you think there is any way to write with these drives together with cdrs? or do you think i can lower the write speeds or something on the nec and benq when burning…the necs fail usually around halfway or so, so its not right off the bat that it errors out…anyhow this is a very interesting idea you showed me cnlson i appreciate the advice ive never thought about this before

maybe if you chose a speed slow enough that all wrote at CLV or something similar. honestly cds burn so fast that duplexing with 2 at top speed vs 3 at low speed makes more sense