NEC 3550A Issues

I got the NEC 3550A about 2 months ago. Its been a bumpy road and I am hoping to get some help here.

The issues I am seeing are when I copy a movie using DVD Decrypter and Nero 7 (using Nero Recode) Nero tells me the burn was successful and all that, but when I try and watch the movie on a settop it will die about half way into the movie because the player cant read it. The same thing happens with all my DVD drives in my computers as well.

Do I need to be setting the book type in Nero, or can I just leave it as default.

I am using old dvd-r’s and I think that might be my problem, but I would like to confirm that from someone that knows more about this than I do.

Overall what should I be doing to get this to work well for me? I’ll looking for the software I should use, media I should use and just a basic walkthrough from people that have gotten the NEC 3550A to work well for them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

At this point it is too early too tell but from my experience with the NEC 3550A is is a very good burner. Having said that the media you use makes a HUGE difference. I only use quality media from top manufacturers such as Taiyo Yuden, Maxell and TDK. From experience your burns with these media will last.

Personally I try to avoid burning with Nero if possible. However if you are burning data you don’t have too much choice. I have heard that the new version of Nero had some DVD burning issues and that Nero 6.6 had the most stable and best burns.

Finally I suggest you burn your media at 8X’s for now. I haven’t had much luck with good quality burns with 16X media, but if I burn them at slower than rated speed, they work just fine.