NEC 3550A is $37.79, free shipping

Didn’t see this posted and it’s definitely worth posting as this is the hottest price i’ve seen on this. Dealsforum said this is good through Feb 10th. u have to use the code ‘YM10’ to get the $37.79 shipped price. Here’s the link:

I bought this drive 2 months ago for the same price at Newegg, I also received 5 Ridata +R DL discs and 1 +R RW disc from Newegg for free. It was an awesome deal, but the drive is not something I would brag about.

Excellent brand, current model, excellent price. What’s the matter with the drive???

Back up your opinion with reasons. I have had this drive since it came out and have not had a lick of problems with it!

Anyone purchased drives from shop4tech before? I only saw 3-4 customer reviews for this drive while there was like 275 reviews for the black nec 3550 at newegg. Too bad they don’t sell retail version so that I can get some form of warranty.

An NEC 3550 is an NEC 3550 no matter where you buy it. Shop4tech is OK but, as always, avoid generic media. OEM drives still have a waranty, just deal with NEC directly.

Watch Newegg, they have this drive on sale on many different occassions. I bought this drive for the same price shipped, and I also received 5 Ridata DL discs and 1 +RW disc for free from newegg 2 months ago. Interm of quality, I dont know about this drive since I built it for a friend and I never had a chance to test it. I read the NEC forum and this drive doesn’t make any headlines at all.

Darn, I bought this drive from Newegg for about $44 (36.99 + shipping and tax) this past Thursday. And on the day they shipped mine, the BenQ 1655 was on sale for $45 shipped.

Oops, I meant $50 shipped for that BenQ

I was suckered in by newegg’s special on NEC 3550. The drive was louder than my AC unit, i couldnt believe it . Luckly newegg’s policy was top notch and I returned it for full refund. I wouldnt recommand it to anyone.

I also bought my 3550A from newegg four months ago. The burns were decent, but I was getting better burns from my Pioneer A09. So I took out the 3550A when I bought the BenQ 1655 from newegg.:slight_smile: Anyway with all the chatter about the 3550/3551/4551 in NEC forum, I put the 3550 back in and crossflashed it. It’s quiet as a mouse while burning, and it seems to like the Verb MCC 004. Check out this scan I did with MCC 004. Better than even my BenQ 1655.

do you think the crossflashing had anything to do with the noise reduction? how did it sound when u first purchased it? i might have got a defective unit but i didnt want to risk it so i returned it.Do you have the link for the mentioned discussion on crossflashing NEC 3550? thanx

I own a Nec 3550, and have purchased two others and installed them for friends. All of the drives were relatively quiet in stock condition, the way they came from Newegg. Cross-flashing did not change the noise level at all.

Due to legal ramifications, no one can provide you with a link to instructions for crossflashing. However, if you have been on the web for more than five minutes you should have no trouble finding what you want.

@Nattefrost - My 3550A is quiet out of the box just as HenryNettles said, but the drive has improved tremendously since the crossflash. For less than $40 you get a drive that burns DVD-RAM, Labelflash, and is now an excellent burner. Excellent deal I think.:slight_smile:

thanx for the help guys i might have got a defective retail box…sux bc i had high hopes