Nec-3550A in enclosure?

Hi guys,

I have a PX-716A in Plumax enclosure(Prolific Chipset) and it works great with older firmware but if i upgrade it to a newer firmware, it doesn’t work. I’m thinking of getting ND-3550A or ND-3540A to use in this enclosure. I just want to know what do you think? Will it work, does anybody uses it in an enclosure?


NEC drives don’t usually work that well in external enclosures. you may get 12x speed, but don’t expect 16x read/write

In my experience, as well as that of others here, 12X is the best speed for 16X media. My 3500 achieves a burst rate high enough to support 16X burns with my Prolific 3507 chipset but I have not tried it at 16X. Dee-27 is the expert so I would go with what she says.

I have reason to believe that the NEC 3550 should behave exactly as my NEC 4551 in an enclosure, and I have had(*) my NEC 4551 in a Data-Tec enclosure using the Prolific PL-3507 chipset.

I could get 16x reads using FireWire, I could get up to about 14½x writes using FireWire, and up to about 14½-15x reading and writing using USB.

The enclosure can consistently get 16x reads over FireWire and USB and 16x writes over FireWire (I’m not sure about USB) with a LiteOn SHW-1635S in the enclosure, so it is a limitation of the NEC drive and not a limitation of the enclosure.

Here are some benchmarks:

[li]Create Data Disc at 16x using FireWire[/li][li]Read Transfer at 16x using FireWire[/li][li]Read Transfer at 16x using USB[/li]/ol The NEC 4551 is now internal and my NEC 3500 is in the enclosure.

My NEC 3500 can only reach 15x burning speed in the PL-3507 enclosure using a simulated burn over USB or FireWire, so I’m 99.9999999% sure it will not reach 16x in a real burn!

The NEC 3500 will reach 16x reading speed over FireWire however. Scans are available if anyone’s interested in seeing “proof”.

As for 12x burning being better than 16x I agree; I have never made a 16x burn that was better than a 12x burn on the same media, but the opposite happens all too frequently.

thank you guys, it is not a big deal for me to reach 16x. 12x is ok for me as long as it works in the enclosure.