NEC 3550a Firmware Help Needed

Hello all - I need some help.

I have an NEC ND-3550a drive.

I NEED to get firmware version 1.G3 onto this drive so that I can use it with a
MICROBOARDS DVD / CD duplication tower.

The drive currently has Firmware ver 1.05 on it.

I have an NEC firmware update utility that has firmware version 1.G3.

When I run the firmware update utility it is able to detect the drive and it correctly identifies the current firmware as version 1.05

when I attempt to update the firmware to 1.G3 I get a “firmware ERROR”

The utility stops and will not proceed.

I called NEC tech support and they said that firmware version “1.G3” is a “rouge” firmware version and that the drive will not allow itself to accept this version.

Microboards tech support says that I “must have” firmware 1.G3 on the drives in order to use them with the Microboards DVD / CD tower.

Ok, so now I’m stuck.

what can I do?

Can I erase the old firmware version 1.05 with something?

Does anyone else have a firmware update utility that have firmware 1.G3 that will ignore the current NEC firmware and allow to me overwrite it??

I have spent the better part of my day trying to get this to work and I have run out of options.

Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Rob in Vegas


the error that I get while attempting to flash the firmware is [B]“flashing error”[/B]

not “firmware error”


Celtik Dragon -

Liggy and Dee-27 are THE authority when it comes to NEC Firmware. There is no version 1.G3 Firmware listed on their Web Site ( for the NEC ND-3550. There is a newer Official version 1.06 Firmware available for the NEC ND-3550, which is listed on the referenced Liggy and Dee-27 Web Page.

Where did you acquire this questionable version 1.G3 Firmware? If this questionable version 1.G3 Firmware was valid a firmware for the NEC ND-3550 firmware the update utility would have properly recognized the version 1.G3 firmware and allowed it to be installed. I would be very leery of attempting to forcibly install this questionable Firmware. You could damage your NEC ND-3550 beyond repair.

I suggest asking Forum Member Liggy and/or Dee-27 for assistance before proceeding any further.


Thanks for the info.

I got the 1.G3 firmware from Microboards.

They specifically said that I need that version of the firmware with the 3550A drive in order for it to work in their DVD / CD duplication tower.

The firmware installer looks like and official NEC firmware installer utility.

It sees my drive no problem.

It sees my current firmware no problem.

But when I attempt to flash the drive I get the “Flashing Error”

NEC says that is because the original firmware ver 1.05 does not recognize the firmware 1.G3 and will not allow itself to be overwritten.


Rob in Vegas

I did a search on Google using 3550 1.G3 and found the following thread. Interesting that your problem is not unique as Liggy and Dee have discussed it on CDF.

Thanks Jeff.

Yes, before I posted here I did a “google” on this too.

Found that same topic.

Same drive, same firmware, simila (but different) problem.

Did not seem to have an answer that his problem either. :frowning:

Hopefully someone has dealt with this in the past. I just bought 13 of these drives to refurbish an old DVD / CD tower.

I hope is did not just buy 13 drives I can not use.

Another strange thing is that Microboards was telling me to “make sure that these drives were OEM version and not RETAIL version”

I bought them from and on their website it said they were “OEM BARE DRIVE”

They came “bare” to me. In a plastic bag. No CD, no manual. Should be OEM. Right?

I don’t know why that would matter as far as the firmware goes. Any thoughts on that?

Rob in Vegas

You can email us a copy and we’ll take a look.

NEC Flashers do not allow you to cross flash between OEM varients.

In all likelyhood you have a BULK version, OEM would typically mean specifically for GATEWAY, DELL, etc. rather than the generic BULK.

Anyway, shouldn’t be a huge issue, no need to panic.

Brother Vlad -
Email directly, not through CDF, and respond to the TMDA challenge that should echo back immediately.



I will email you the firmware file that Microboards sent to me first thing in the morning.

I will also post it to U SENT IT and post the link here for others to investigate.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Rob in Vegas

I have some, by the way 5, drives 3550A with 1.G3 firmware and have been trying to convert them to 1.05 for the past 3 months. :sad:

I already sent the firmware to Liggy a couple of months ago.

I will be checking this thread to see if something is coming that help us…

Good luck…

The 1.G* firmwares seem to have a different bootcode as well, so flashing a regular drive with 1.G* firmwares won’t work without changing the bootcode first.

This is the response that I got from Microboards Tech Support this morning about the OEM vs. Retail versions of the NEC 3550a

"I doubt they’re OEM drives if they won’t update to 1.G3. I’d contact the people who sold them to you. 1.05 and 1.06 firmware is for retail drives.

From here on out there is not much I can do. If you can get the drives flashed to 1g3 then everything will be fine.

I have never used a retail drive on that controller, not sure if it will work in the system at 1.05 – it’s not listed as a supported drive firmware.

Let me know if you can update that firmware"

I still believe that I DID buy OEM drives.

Microboards seems to think otherwise.

Can anyone confirm that IF the drive have firmware 1.05 or 1.06 already installed on it that it is in fact a RETAIL version of the drive and not the OEM?

I can not believe that NEC would make TWO different versions of the same drive and write two totally different firmwares depending on whether or not the drive comes in a fancy box or a plactic bag??

More confused…



Is there a way that I can change the “bootcode” of my 3550a drive that is currently running the 1.05 firmware?

Is there a utility that you can suggest?

Anything at this point is worth a shot.


I would need the dump of a drive’s bootcode that already has a 1.G* firmware. I assume I already know what needs to be changed, but the bootcode is something I’m very careful about.

But this whole thread reminds me of uploading the 1.G* firmwares that I already have :wink:


I think [B]IMGC10[/B] who just posted on this thread has a drive that already has the 1.G3 firmware on it.

Is there a way that he could dump his bootcode and get it to you so that you could investigate it??


I just sent him a PM with instructions

I am out of my house right know… Will be returning in about 4 hours… As soon I get home, I will be around here…

I hope it works… By the way, I have 1.G0 and 1.G3 drives…

Here is the link to [B]DOWNLOAD[/B] the NEC 3550a [B]1.G3 firmware[/B]

Hopefully you guys can figure out how I can install this on my current 3550a with 1.05 firmware

Thanks for all your help.


Should be in your mailbox by now…


Please forward us a copy, thanks.

Brother Vlad