NEC-3550A doesn't see recordable media

Hello to all!! I recently purchased two of the above drives for my computer. They play cd’s and dvd’s okay, but whenever I try to burn something, the media isn’t recognized. I tried Windows Media Player (I know, I know…don’t say it), Nero, and Imageburn. For example, I try to burn a DVD ISO file and I load the disc into the drive. The software doesn’t show a disc in the drive and I can’t burn. Again, I can play original DVD movies and audio CDs without a problem, but burning is another story. I’m no expert, but I considered maybe a firmware upgrade? I’m not too sure with that stuff so I thought I would ask here first. I noticed on the NEC website firmware upgrades, but they were listed as Intel. I’m running an AMD Athlon XP 2800+. Don’t know if one has anything to do with the other. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have lots of burning to do!!! Thanks.

Have you double checked to make sure they are configured corrrectly as master and slave (or cable select, which most dells prefer)?

First update the burning programs.
Then use some guides for them how to burn.

Try DVDFabdecrypter, with DVDShrink and Nero to write. This is the combo that I use with my NEC 3550A and have never had an error. Another thing is don’t forget to use good media Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden are your best bet. You can get Taiyo Yuden on line at for a good price and usually free shipping. By the way DVDFabDecrypter and DVDShrink are freeware.

My problem is similar to this and I contacted NEC about it. They told me that I have to have “supported media” to burn anything and pointed me to a list.

My question is, do any of these firmwares allow me to burn with different blank media?

Unfortunately theboltz prbably has the only solution for NEC users. I’ve had the exact same problems with my 3520A and have read other NEC users experiencing similar problems especially with -R media. The 3550A is rated below average in reading test review for burned DVD video, and this fact along with my own experience as well as others is why I recently upgraded to a Pioneer 111D which was cross flashed to 111L. Both the new Pioneer and an old 107D have never failed to read burned media.

Go to Liggy and Dee’s Binflash page the scroll down to Firmware and upgrade to 1Y6, you will be able to burn more media and make sure you use the rpc1 download and you will also be region free. Just follow instructions and do it carefully, so that you don’t fry your burner. I downloaded this when I couldn’t write dl media. it’s kick a**.