NEC 3550A does not burn CDs

So here’s the story: I just bought a NEC 3550A DVD/CD burner from Newegg and installed it. Windows XP SP2 recognized and installed it. Using Nero, I can burn DVDs, but, I get burn failures when I go to burn a Audio CD. For kicks, I tried burning an audio CD using Real Player, Windows Media Player, and even the Windows built-in burn utility. None of them work. I tried different media brands (Sony, Memorex, TDK), and still no complete burn. I keep getting burn failures. I can read CDs and I’ve installed programs from CDs. I’ve even ripped CDs on this drive. I just can’t bloody BURN onto CDs. I am using a 80 pin cable and it the drive is set as a master drive on the secondary IDE channel. I am using ASUS motherboard with Nvidia N-Force 2 chipset. Please help!

Update burner firmware and burning software.
Try try again at lower speeds, Verbatim CD media seems to be best.

MadSkier03… I ran into the same situation. My new NEC 3550A can burn DVD with 100% yield (NexxTech media sold at Circuit City), but when I use Nero Ultra Edition 6.6 to burn CD, most of the time (>50%) it would restart computer … I have no problem burning CDs using RecordNow (by Sonic), so there are some software conflicts as far as I can tell, My firmware is 1.05

Then post a Nero logfile please, maybe you can find the dump log in the Nero folders…

Probably a defective unit IMO. Wondering which Nero version you run, though?

I am using the most recent update of Nero V., and I already re-updated the firmware to 1.05. I have not tried Verbatim CDs yet. I will purchase them today and see what happens. As for it being a defective unit, I didn’t mention that this is the SECOND NEC 3550A drive NewEgg sent me. The first one was indeed quite defective; it made horrible grinding noises as it spun up and would not even attempt to start burning. What are the chances of the same drive from the same vendor being defective again? Knowing this information, could my computer be rejecting this brand of DVD/CD writer since both drives didn’t work properly? Is that possible? Thank you for your help everyone.

What COULD be possible is that your power supply is faultive… how old is this PC? Did you have previous failures (hard drive)?

The power supply is brand new - it’s an Antec Smartpower 420 Watt power supply that’s less than 2 months old. The PC itself is about 2 years old. I’ve never had hard drive failures.

Hi there,

My new NEC-3550a (v1.05) burned me 4 AudioCD, and it was those Black Vinyl Look-a-like CD-R and 100% success.

Sorry to hear your having issues with yours…

IMO, this is 100% related to software interference or incompatibility… why… because I can burn CDs with 100% yield using RecordNow by Sonic… Once in a while I can make Nero works, but I don’t remember the steps that I went thru, so, without knowing how to fix it and rather than fighting with problem with Nero I just burn my CDs using RecordNow by Sonic

I am having a similiar issue with my NEC-3550A.

I can read and burn DVDs just fine but the unit will not even read a CD. I have tried blank CDs from different brands, music CDs and even game CDs and I get nothing.

Any suggestions?