NEC 3550a Compatibility with LiteOn 1693s

Hhope some of the experts out there can help me clear this problem up. I have to “Top Rated” DVD burners, NEC 3550a @ 107bt by Liggy and a LiteOn 1693s @ KC4B. I am using Verbatim MCC-004 16x DVD’s and have run several tests that don’t make sense. When I burn a DVD in the NEC at either 1.07 or 1.07bt it will burn OK, but the NEC drive then has a difficult time reading the DVD and doing the NERO tests. It also gets bad disk quality test and very high PIE and PIF scores. If I take the same disk and test it in my LiteOn it reads much better and have very few PIE and less than 3 total PIF. The disk quality scores come out to 95%.

IF I record a DVD in my LiteOn it get pretty good scores but not as good as the NEC burnt disk. The liteon does have bitsetting so all burns are at dVD-ROM. When I try and test the LiteOn disk in my other system that has the NEC drive, it will not even load in the transfer test. It comes up with the error, Incompatible format. Under Disk Info, it sees the disk as MCC-004 but thinks it is a DVD+R and does not see the DVD-ROM burn bits.

I have burnt several DVD’s and the tests all show some really bad sections of the DVD, either at the very front or at the end,…and again the PIE errors grow very large. However, all the DVD’s play OK in all of my players.

This media is supposed to be Mitubishi quality which is as good as you can buy now that panasonic is not making stuff anymore.

I have tried several version of NEC firmware, including original, and all the liggy updates. Same goes for the liteon. The variation of disk PIE’s from disk to disk is very large and I would not expect that much on this media.

I’m in the process of re-doing over 60 DVD’s I burned in the LiteOn using TDK 16x media which is really CMC-004, which I now know to be crap. Almost all of them won’t play on my Sony DVD/VHS combo. So I don’t want to burn another 60 coaster and would appreciate any suggestions you can provide. I have searched this forum and read all the posts about the NEC 3550a and I can’t find any consensus that there is any better firmware for the NEC than the original from NEC.

Please help.

The ND-3550 can be pretty looney at scanning discs.
As for the TDK media. Try burning them slower. Perhaps 8x

Dee-27, I’ve always burned them at 6x as I don’t need the speed. Anyway, I’ve seen over 100 posts on this web site about the problelms people are having or had with the NEC 3550A. I was able to resolve mine and rather than post it to this thread I will create a new post.

The simple answer is I did a clean install of the entire system on a new motherboard and a new processor.