NEC 3550A CD Media Burn Speed

Even though I have the latest L&D firmware for my NEC 3550A drive, I cannot find a CD media that will burn faster than 16X. What brand can I buy that this drive likes?

Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, Daxon, CMC Magnetics and a whole host of others will burn at up to 48x
BTW: we don’t overspeed CD-R media with our firmware.

Perhaps you mean DVD media (not CD media)? This drive cannot burn any DVD media faster than 16x.

The only CD-R media I have that won’t burn faster than 16x on this drive is 8 years old Kodak 1-12x CD-R media. All my other CD-R media will burn at up to 40x or 48x.

No, I mean CD media. I used Nero 7 to burn, but other applications give the same results. Upon further investigation, I believe I have some crappy disks. I just put a TY in it, and CD Speed reported 48X. I did not need to burn that one, so I don’t know if it will actually burn at that speed.

Sorry for the wasted bandwidth. It seems that several lots of my disks may be improperly labeled and sold cheaply. At least they work fine for my one-time-use projects. Maybe the better disks will work okay.