NEC 3550A burns DVD perfectly but not CD

I’ve been using my new 3550A burner and it burns DVD disc perfectly. I just tried to copy CD using Nero 6.6 Ultra Edition and it kicks out and retarts my computer. I remember reading the same problem with NEC3550A somewhere but could not find the source.
What interesting is that when I use “RecordNow” by Sonic and it copies my CD disc without any problem. So from what I can tell, it’s something related to Nero 6.6 software.
Please let me know how to fix this problem because I do like Nero 6.6 software. My firmware version is 1.05
Thanks for your help

Don’t use Nero for CD or DVD “copying”.

CloneCD is the better option, or ImgBurn.

I don’t have a problem with that set up? Strange! Nero works good for me! Make sure you update it at the nero site! Do not download or install anything else in nero except the Burn program! Trust me on this one! Also uncheck auto updates!

problem areas are INCD and sometimes vision express if you have two software players loaded.
Sonic=remove DLA/very nice cd burn program BTW!