Nec 3550a burning problem

hello all,

i have a dvd burning problem…playback on a standalone dvd player skips back to a previous chapter at a certain point during playback.

i don’t know why it is going back to a previous chapter. it is a new drive, installed a few months ago. it is skipping on every disc that i burn now but it was working fine when I first installed it.
i tried burning at a lower speed 4x but this doesn’t help.

could it be something with the buffering while writing the dvd?

computer: dell dimension 8250, p4 2.4ghz, 512 mb ram
os: xp home v2002, service pack 2
dvd rom:liteon dvd-rom ltd163 used to rip using dvd shrink
drive: nec 3550a, nec driver 1.06 used to burn dvd using dvd decrypter
media: hp dvd+r 8x, playo dvd+r 16x

thanks for your help in advance.


Playo dvd+r 16x are fake.

You should be able burn the hp 8x dvd+r with no problems.