NEC 3550A Burner Stopped Reading Discs

I’ve been using the burner for about a month now and out the blue the drive stopped reading my retail dvds, it just says no media present and I get errors whenever I go to burn pretty much anything i’m using TYG02 media and up until today I really wasn’t getting any errors is my drive shot already? I’ve only had it for a month and maybe have burn about 60dvdrs with it…If anyone can help it would be appreciated. I’m using Windows XP

Please uninstall the IDE channels and drive entry in Devicemanager, then restart.

Also follow the HOW TO link in my sig.

aiight ima do that after I get home from work tonight and see what happens thanks a lot

nope didn’t work I think the drive is just shot which I still can’t believe but I put the drive in another computer and still same prob