NEC 3550A burn speed?


My 3550 burns very slow with the media i use… 6x is the highest the burn speed has reached… My 3500 burns at a max of 12x with the same media.

This is the media i have.

Datawrite Titanium - CMC Magnetics Corp - CMC MAG AE1

Datawrite Titanium - TDK Corp - TTG02

Datawrite Greytop - Prodisc Technology - Prodisc F01

I have flashed with the latest 1.Y2 firmware, but it still burns slow.

Is my drive faulty or is there a simple fix? or will this eventually be fixed with future firmwares?

Thanks for your help/advice


btw, my discs are 8x speed

I’ve realised that since i updated the firmware to 1.Y2, i’ve only tried the (TDK Corp - TTG02), as i just ran out of the others… I just burned one with an average of 4x :frowning:

I see there’s now a 1.Y4 firmware, although there’s no mention of the media I.D that i have (TDK Corp - TTG02).