Nec 3550a and win98

Is there a driver out for 3550 for win98?
I bought this burner not realizing that a driver is not readily available.
What are my options?
I’d like to keep the burner but I also like win98.
If I use a generic driver for the burner, what do I lose?
Any help is appreciated.

Welcome to the forum.
I have to say, i’ve never used Win 98 for burning DVD’s
What i would say you lose out on in using Win 98, is a stable environment to burn the disc’s. There may also be some restrictions on file size in Win 98. Remember a DVD ISO file can be larger than 4 gigabyte.

I received word from a guy at tigerdirect that dvd burners will not work with any OS older than WIN2000. Is that right?

Not correct, probably the installed SP and fixes count more than the installed OS at all.