Nec 3550a and computer pausing/burping

I just purchased and installed my NEC 3550a and updated the latest firmware. I was replacing an old Snoy DVD DRU 500a burner. That drive was removed, and this one was replaced in its place.

Now, about ever minute or so, my computer pauses for about 3-4 seconds, then continues like in an all at once blurt. This is a bit troublesome while surfing the internet. Any suggestions on what is happening? This only started happening now that my new drive in installed.


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Can you post us some information about your system hardware etc etc?

Might be an connection error. Check the jumper settings and cable. The drive should not run in cable select mode!

hey, that’s happening to me too.
In fact, I can run the SYSTEM RESTORE WIZARD and it helps for about 1-2 horus. And then it goes back to that same ol problem.

The only recent change is when I downloaded WIN DVD, so it could read video codes…but I uninstalled it, and it still does that crap.
It just stopped right now a few minutes after I manually end a process: “cool.exe” or something like that, but I’m not sure that’s the problem.

I’ve also have some connectivity errors on my comp, despite the fact that the internet works fine, at the bottom right, it says, “limited or no connectivity”/

I recently reformatted my comp as well.

Anyone know about this?

Start using a good viruskiller.

That sounds very much as if the drive is running in PIO mode instead of DMA. You should check this first.