NEC 3550A and burning speed

I was using NEC3550A burner for 1 month and everything was OK. Then I upgraded my computer with new motherboard (ASUS P4P800E-deluxe) and since then burning of 1 full DVD takes almost 28 minutes !!! (before it was around 6 minutes). It’s just unbearable. I cannot figure out what’s wrong. Can anybody help with some suggestions? Thanks.

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It sounds like UDMA mode is not enabled on your IDE channels.
Also try using Microsofts default IDE drivers.

Thanks a lot for reply! Meanwhile (since I didn’t know what should I search for) I was reading individual threads in this forum and found a couple of threads mentioning UDMA. It helped!!! Thanks.

ok, i’ve been reading the FAQs and it’s very overwhelming for a noob like me.

i just put a new nd-3550a (6x-16x) into a backup computer…as the slave drive.

i d/l the firmware upgrade and got an error message when trying to flash.

this is an old, slow computer. P3, 400 MHz, 256mb ram. it takes 58 mins for DVD Shrink (no enhancements scans).
burning at 1.4x takes another 50 mins.

please help.

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What error message did you get and what was the excat commandline?

Also, that specs are really too low for dvd burning attempts.

the 1.4x burns works fine when played. i’ve done around 10 so far.

i can’t remember the exact error message. should i try to flash it again? i don’t want to mess anything up.

could i be because my computer is a P3, 400mhz with only 256mb ram? hard drive is slow too (3600rpm).

In case you try to flash again and get an error again, please post it here.

ok, i was able to flash my 3550 to v1.05 (i didn’t know that it had to be done in windows SAFE MODE)

but it is still writing at only 1.4x

is it because this is a slow computer? P4-400 MHz, 256mb ram.

(the UIDE or something in the Bios is set to “ON”.

256mb is really low, even for windows only.

You could try with Nero CD DVD Speed and perform some reading (speed) tests.

I have a slow laptop as my specs are below but I am able to to burn at the slowest 4x (using USB 2.0 connection) and at the fastest 15x (using Firewire A connection). I assume that your NEC 3550A is internal and so it should be burn faster but since it doesn’t, it’s >90% likely it’s because of your slow system is the limiting factor :doh: .

@98bird: Please give more details about your system hardware setup:

  1. Primary master:
  2. Primary slave:
  3. Secondary master:
  4. Secondary slave:
  5. Windows version (XP, 98, 98SE…)

Things to check: DMA enabled in the BIOS, DMA enabled for the relevant IDE channel in Windows device manager (1.4X? your drive is probably stuck in PIO mode 2 or 3!! :doh: ).

Could also be an IDE cable issue.

Even with your “slow” system, 4X burning should be easily attainable. :iagree: