Nec 3550a Activity Light

Just purchased the drive . Have recorded with cdrw and cdrs. Have not tried DVD media yet

The question I have is it normal for the activity light to stay solid green after recording and closing all the desktop windows. I backup files to cdrws or save files to cdrs and leave them in the drive. The light will stay lit even though no writing is going on. Is this normal??

If you put any program disk in after you are done accessing the drive and close the program you can leave the disk in and the light stays out.

Any help would be appreciated.



The light will be on when it’s active, normal.


Appreciate your reply. But to clarify. My question the activity light stays on with the cdr or cdrw disks in it whether the drive is activy or idle. So is this normal.

If a regular program disk is put in and not being accessed the light stays out.

Other words if I put a cdr or a cdrw disk in the drive do no writing to either disk or there is no accessing of either disk. The drive it is idle. The light stays on. Just by putting either cdr or cdrw disk in the drive and letting it spin up and then closing the window that pops up. the light stays on. The drive is doing nothing. Is this normal

So is this normal.

If I have not made it clear of what happening let me know. Will try and answer any question you have in another way.

Have not used any DVD media yet



Hm, I haven’t seen such a “problem” yet.

Maybe some software is lurking in the background and creating that confusion?!?