Nec 3550A 1/2 hour 16x DVD burn?



My 3550A went from burning DVD-R / DVD+R, (Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden), 16x media in 6 minutes, to taking over 30 minutes to complete.
Its not the media, something else is going on.
When I burn, the hard drive and green light on the front of the DVD burner flash on and off about once per second.
I bring up task manager, and I don’t see any other application running.
Lots of processes, but non are consuming cpu or memory.
The only thing I have done recently is install Zone Alarm, and yes, I have temporarily disabled it, but burns are still 30+ minutes per attempt.
Any idea’s?
I’m using Liggy and Dee’s latest firmware, (and have been for months).

Thanks much!



Check your DMA status as your burner is probably not running in the correct mode, see this thread . This is the most common reason for such long burn times.

You need Ultra DMA mode 2 for the NEC. Check your HDDs at the same time.


I have it set to DMA if Available, but it is setting it to PIO Mode 4.
I also updated Nero to latest version. Same behavior, except now NMIndexSvr.exe now takes up 90% of my cpu. Even when I kill that process, the 30+ minute burns are still happening.


But have you uninstalled the controller drivers as shown in the thread I gave?


Remove the primary and secondary IDE controllers from the Device Manager and reboot. It should automatically re-recognize them.


Yeah! Removing the secondary IDE controller and rebooting did it.
It came in as DMA instead of PIO and presto, 6 minute burns again.
Thank you to everyone who helped!!!