NEC 3550 to 4551 Problem w Crossflash

The process that saved the individual with the blue screen is not working for me. I’ve flashed my 3550 with necbfl to 4551. as every other sites states that this is normal till the unit is flashed with the actual 4551 firmware. When I attempt to use Binflash in Windows it closes out automatically, in DOS is tells me SCSi error n does nothing else.

If I used bin flash using DOS screen in Windows all I get is this is not a 32 bit application n does nothing else. How can I get my 3550 / 4551 to take / flash the unit with the 4551 firmware?:sad:

You won’t likely find any answers here because you are attempting to add a feature to the original drive. But due to potential legal ramifications from NEC, that information can’t be shared here. There are other sites that have information for what you want to do, but you’ll have to search for them.