NEC 3550 reading problem with dvd-r like some other people

I have the same problem as some other people with my NEC 3550.
it can burn all media : DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+DL, CDR, DVD-RW,…
Under windows XP, it can read burned CDR, DVD+R, certainly DL too (I Don t try, it s not the problem). But when I try reading DVD-R (it burnt itself), it recognize it like a CDRom, an empty one. Strange. Stranger, when I try a private backup of XP on a DVD-R (recognized like an empty CDR under WindowsXP), it boots like if everything s fine and I can re install windowsXP.
If i remember well, when I try a beta version of Vista, I think DVD-R works fine.
I m not the only one having this problem, I read several thread with the same problem without finding solution. Perhaps I missed something. I think it may be a solution to this problem, I don t think it s a hardware problem (laser quality don t decrease). I ve already try changing firmware, reinstalling windowsXP. If i remember, the problem begins after changing bitsetting, or installing some burning software that put “something in the memory of the 3550”. Can we perhaps reset it like it was exactly at the beginning ? Except the firmware chip, is there an other chip where information has been written ?
Liggy or Dee, you know NEC burner very well. Could you help us to solve this problem ???
Merry Chrismas everyone. it would be a good gift to find a solution. I spend several hours on this problem. This thread is my last chance before changing recorder, but i would be sad, NEC 3550 is a very good burner without this problem.
Bye BYe

Hey then nobody know what s happened or nobody understand the problem or nobody is interesting in this problem

Please Help Me

when this happened to me, i formatted and reinstalled…works fgine now

I have similar problem with a 3520 except mine simply doesn’t recognize burned -R media which is same problem many other posts by 3520, 3540 and 3550 users experienced. You might be able to flash back to earlier firmware if you can locate firmware desired, but I doubt it will resolve the issue. I tried several of Ligg & Dee’s versions, but the problem persists. Also note the 3540 in its review is rated below average reading DVDR video which is the likely explanation for the problem. IMO the best solution is to simply stick to +R media for burners with this problem.

Try to restore your system registry to a month ago (approx date before this problem) reboot and try again may be that is solve your problem.

I have a similar problem with 3550 too. It recognizes and burns correctly blank memorex DVD-Rs (CMC MAG AM3), but then it is not able to recognize themselves! That happens with old and new discs, but just with that MID.
So, I cleaned the laser lens, and the drive was then able to recognize those discs for a week, then the problem appeared again.

BTW, the drive never satisfied me as a reader: it had some problems recognizing and reading certain discs that any other drives never had, and when burning the system lose a lot of reactivity, an experience I had neither with LG or LiteOn.

thanxs for the “solution” none work. Even reinstall, I think the problem begins just after config the bitsetting of the burner. HOw can I reset the bitsetting like at the begining ?
Flash it back to the original don t work too.
Cleaning the lens don t work too - I don t think it s a hardware problem -.
Perhaps a good solution in the next reply…

…yea. I have the same problem and don’t know how to solve it…I did the complete reinstall of my XP and it just dosen’t work! It is getting on my nervs!!!
Please someone speak out if you have solution for this problem?!
Question for crash2000xp : Can You please explain me more about that vista(beta) thing?
If NEC worked fine with vista , maybe I should install it? And maybe You should do the same?
Anyhow if some one have solution to this problem please contact me on [B][/B] if it is not too much of a trouble
BTW my NEC besides all the problems mentioned before has one more: when I insert previously burned dvd (burned with my NEC) it reads it like an EMPTY DVD-RW…

I’m having same probs as crash2000xp w/ Nec 3550A. Usually probs are on (white inkjetable) TY02. OK on most Fuji. I can bring the DVD to a cheap Aopen drive & disc is readable (that was burned on NEC, but not readable on NEC).
FW=ver 1.05
O/S=XP Pro, sp2

Other thoughts / ideas??


I have had the same problem in the last months since I bought the NEC 3550 unit … burns fine any media but then it won’t read it once burned … reads any DVD-ROM fine … I mostly use DVD-R so don’t know if DVD+R would not be a problem … problem is still there even if I reinstall WinXP Pro SP2 from scratch … I recently changed most of my PC components (MB, Ram, processor, …) and was hoping that the problem would solve but it’s still there … strangely enough of I install the NEC 3550 unit on my kids’ PC it works fine !?!

Returned the NEC 3550 unit for a new one and it still has the same problem …

Burned DVD-R are fine if read in DOS before I boot WinXP …

Very very strange problem … hope someone can help …

It’ll surprise me if somebody resolves this problem. It’s an unfortunate fact of life for many 3520, 3540 and 3550 users IMO. Best solution is to stick to +R media as I stated in post #4 here which is what I do.

I got the same issue with my 3550a, tried several firmwares, tried crossflashing to 4550a but nothing does the trick for me either. Bought a 111d as well but it seems to have compatibility issues with my -R tyg03 media, the 3550a seems to produce good burns but I dont have a reliable scanner to check that out for sure. Gonna try pick it apart and clean the lens with isopropyl alcohol but doubt it will help. If anyone finds a sollution please send me a line, I will do the same!

unfortunetlly I have the same prob with my NEC 3550a. He worked for an year perfectly and now this happenes.
I have read all of your complaines and suggestions and i understand nothing works.
It seems that the burner have some special/mystical connection to the PC it was working on till’ the prob occured. And this special connection cant even be broken by formating and any other firmware and on and on…

So now im wondering, the burner is now a “Master device (0)”, do u think it will change anything if u make it a “Slave device (1)” ?

Im waiting for results and opinions :slight_smile: