NEC 3550 not available after update of AnyDVD

I have installed latest version of AnyDVD ( and suddenly my burner NEC 3550 is not available. I was advised to uninstall AnyDVD and then install it again which I did without any ímprovement. The burner is found by BIOS and can be seen during bootup but not available when WinxXP Pro (Swedish) is up and running. I have also installed Creative Soundblated Fatality including all software. Could this be in conflict with my burner? Any suggestions how to proceed?

Go to Control Panel and System… go to the DVD sections and see if the 3550 is disabled and if so, enable it…

WIN XP does not list my NEC 3550 at all.

If you have a Restore Point from installing AnyDVD restore your computer to the point before you installed AnyDVD…

restart your pc and see if it is recognized in the bios

My 3550 still works after installing, so it’s not an outright incompatibility between AnyDVD and the drive.