NEC 3550 - InCD Does Not format or write

I got this NEC DVD writer for the speed and price, but it is unable to use InCd (versions 4x & 5x), FileCD or DirectCD.

I updated the firmware with OEM Nec drivers then the Y4 from this site, but it still won’t Format either CDs or DVDs.

The process starts then a notice comes up (after 2 - 6% formatting), saying it can’t access the disk, check for scratches etc. This is the same for all Disks ( + or -, slow or fast, new or old)

InCD works on my CD writer and it used to work on a Liteon DVD Recorder (that I replaced with the NEC).

It can read InCD Dvds, that were already written (but can’t write to them)

What is really annoying is that this burner came with the Nero programming and yet does not even allow packet writing.

Windows XP burn prg also doesn’t work with this drive either.

For standard burns, single and multisession, as well as DVDs, the burner works as expected.

Has anybody noticed this problem?
Do any of the firmware upgrades enable packet writing?
Is this burner just a piece of Crap?
Doesn’t NEC usually make good equipment?

My 2 cents on packet writing.
I have used it for years, even though I occassionally have problems with it.
InCD’s v5, now has a better tray icon, so it is easier to use then 4.

Multisession, although more stable is slower to setup your files, and does not remove earlier versions or deleted files, so if you are doing updates, your disk will not be able to store the full capacity, as the deleted files are still there, even if you can’t access them.

I also like to do backups with Xcopy, in a batch file, so it only backs updated files, whic is very fast, and can be copied directly to an InCD disk.

with Nero Multisession, when you continue a session, the status only shows the amount of space of new files to be added and does not show how much room has been used up.

I have not seen a multisession program, that operates strictly on the data contained on the disk, without have it have to refer to original file locations, even when instructed to not record that data or sometimes even needing the the script file that was orignally used.

So in order to keep my disks updated with Multisession, as they get full, I have to copy them back to the HD, then reformat & re-burn to capture lost space.

FileCD is more like a multisession, and requires to eject after writing. It also had other limitations that I found overally cumbersome.

Just reset with the Y6 rpc1 flash, and nothing has changed, although it seems slower (maybe as it reset my drive positions when windows rebooted.

Windows doesn’t even recognize the disk as a rewritable

Skip inCd and wipe it off.

Use real burning apps.

Ditto! Don’t use it or DLA!

As I mentioned, it is not a problem with InCD, as none of the packet writers work, this is a hardware problem!

InCD is working on my CD writer flawlessly and quick and my older Incd dvd disks are reading in the NEC, but when they are first loaded there is a warning that the drive is not permitting the program to write to these disks.

DLA ? If that is a Sonic product, then I make it a point never to use their programs, which I consider bulky and cause conflict problems.

Last nite I was using “real burning systems”, which takes twice as long as I have to copy the files back to my HD, update them, then reburn, which is a real nusiance for file heavy directories.

You never heard about Multisession mode??

This thread originated on the subject of the NEC 3550 not being able to use packet writers. I also added data on why and when I prefer packet writers over multisession, and supplied data to support my reasoning.

I’d like some [B][U]real[/U][/B] help on IF or HOW to make this drive accept packet writers. :eek:

You keep posting replying with off subject answers, that ignore what I wrote. So I have a question for you, Chef: Do you get to be a Guru by needlessly supplying many posts, that don’t answer the question; while pushing your own (sarcastic) opinion? :doh:

I have had a lot of problems with the last version of InCD 4 and all verisions of InCD 5, thought not the one you are having. What version of InCD 4 are you using? If it is, try uninstalling that and use an earlier version just to see if it works. I am hoping InCD 5 will be fixed in the update that comes out this month.

Just noticed that there is new version of InCD 4, ver., on the ftp site. You might try this one and see if it works.

I have the same problem. No program recognizes cd-rw discs as rewritable. I have a Sony Viao with a Pioneer DVD-RW Drive. Installed and reinstalled DLA and Incd multiple times but always get the error ‘the cd you inserted is Read only!’ But I have one cd-rw disc which someone gave me which has been formatted in such a way that it does not seem to depend on any prgramme DLa, Incd etc to be able to be rewritten on. I just want to know if any of you knowlegeable folks are aware of such a universal cd-rw formatting utility which does not pre-requisite itself or any other utility DLA, Incd etc. to be installed on the pc to be able to rewrite on cd-rw’s. I know there must be such a programme somewhere because I have one such cd-rw as proof.


it’s not going to help in resolving … but just to confirm that I have teh same problem with my NEC 3550 and InCD.