NEC 3550 goes dead after rip, or burn Have to reboot to get CD out



Everytime I Rip or Burn a DVD My NEC 3550 stop responding. It’s like you pulled the power cable. You have to reboot the computer every time to get the media back out of the burner.

Windows xp pro
1 gbits ram
160 gbits Hdrive
2.4 Ghz Pent 4

Help this is the pits… :sad:


i would go into device manager and remove the 3550 from there then restart and try a fresh install…that should help


Thanks for your help.
I have already tried deleting the drivers and rebooting.
I have flashed the lastest Firmware for the NEC 3550 DVD burned.
I happens for a few months then goes away then comes back.
I’m running Norton Security Suit 2006.
Has a new 550 watt supply, thought I might be a power issue.
When I rip a DVD it completes fine, but the drive is disabled.
It won’t open using button or software comand.
Only way to get it back is to reboot. :sad: