NEC 3550 DVD Burner installation problem

I am trying to install a new DVD Burner but when I boot up the pc I get this message

“Diskette drive O seek failure
Secondary drive 1 not found”

I then try other things to go further but the system locks up on the windows XP logo screen and when I am able to get it to go to windows, I notice that the burner it is not being recognized either in Device Manager or My Computer. The DVD draw opens and closes so it is not a power problem, any ideas/fixes please?

Hi there,

Give us more info on the installation.

Are you installing it as a MASTER on the 2nd IDE channel ?
Or as a SLAVE on the primary IDE ?

Did you change the jumper on the drive ?

Are your other drives set to Cable Select ?
Is your burner set to Cable Select ?

I have a Dell PC, and it prefers I use Cable Select, but when using that, ALL devices has to use Cable Select.

If you have a HD set as Master on the 2nd IDE Channel, make your burner (Set jumper) to Slave.

Also in the BIOS make sure it will detect it, I always use “Auto Detect” in the bios.

Good Luck !

I wasn’t aware that I had to set the jumpers on this unit, I simply connected the 2 cables to the unit, I will go and take a look now and get back to you shortly, thanks.

Thanks a lot Cougar, took out my cd burner, it was set to CS so then I took out the DVD and it was set to Master so I changed it to CS also and that did it, really appreciate the help, now on to burning, thanks!

CS is not recommended for setting up devices, except in DELLs.

Yes, I have a Dell but thanks for the info in case I should work on a different pc in the future.

Actually CS option is for pc that came with 80 wires IDE ribbon Cable. Cables have either 40 or 80 wires

Many drives feature an option called Cable Select (CS). With the
80 wire IDE ribbon cable, these drives can be auto configured
as master or slave. CS works like this. A jumper on each drive is set
to the CS option. The cable itself is just like a normal IDE cable
except for one difference is Pin 28 only connects to the master drive
connector. When your computer is powered up, the IDE interface sends a
signal along the wire for Pin 28. Only the drive attached to the
master connector receives the signal. That drive then configures
itself as the master drive. Since the other drive received no signal,
it defaults to slave mode.

You can up grade to 80 wire ribbon, if your motherboard controller supports the cable.

CS is only available if your Mobo and BIOS support it. Older PCs, even with an 80-pin IDE cable, cannot use CS.

The main benefit of 80-pin IDE cables are faster speed (ATA-100/133) for mobos that support it (pretty much any Mobo made in the past 6-7 years); 40-pin IDE cables supported ATA-33/66 speeds.

If your pc (came with 80wire) it supports it
most people dont know what hardware they have. boards in the last ten years do support 4 hard drives with csl pin 28

It’s not the bios, its the controller that’s sees pin 28

To have solid DMA, DATA, CS
DMA switching off in windos after (6 CRC’s) get past the the fist stage of CRC protection

Multiple CRC retransmits between drive and controller, will cause this problem without faulting out.

The cause of excessive CRC’s

1 week single strength on you Ide controller or flaky
2 week single from optic or flaky
3 week motherboard or flaky
3 week IDE cable

If your DMA is off do not just turn it on or reset the controller driver, you need to fix the problem. optical drives are vary sensitive to smooth data flow.

The best fist step is to replace the IDE cable with a good EMI round cable.

Use Link Depot 18" ATA133 I have benched tested this cable and it flatout blows the high performace ATA133 80 wire ribbon away in speed and CRC reduction.

So if you have a week board or drive it can help make up the loss.

If you have good board and drive enjoy more speed and reliability.