NEC 3550 drive LOUD

I just upgraded from a nice quiet NEC 2550 and find the 3550 to be as loud as a jet engine sometimes. Now I say sometimes. I can’t predict exactly when it’s gonna start revving up like a jet engine, and it’s not only when I play dvd movies. I tried the trick of lowering the speed with the Nero Toolkit program from 5x to 1x but that didn’t help. I’ve seen other people complaining here about the noise too so I know it’s not just me. So I guess the question is, should I get a Benq or Sony? If anybody’s got these I’d appreciate some feedback about how quiet/loud they are. Thanks.

Install and use Nero Drivespeed (and probably a new firmware).

I did use drivespeed, it didn’t work. I just patched it with firmware 1Y6 but no difference.

What about a firmware update?

And what is “loud”, a DVD VIDEO on DVD☺±R media or (data) on CD??

When you say “it didnt work” What did you do ?

I did find that I needed to eject and reinsert a DVD when using DriveSpeed. When I reinserted everything was fine [it slowed up] I run my NEC at 5x for watching movies.

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chef, are you reading my whole posts? I said I patched it with 1Y6, isn’t that the firmware update? I think that’s the latest firmware for it. When I say loud I mean it makes a jet engine like sound (ok not really a jet engine but you get the idea) when I put in a data cd, or a blank dvd+rw, or when I’m burning on to the dvd+rw with Nero 7. In my test it managed to shut up while burning after reaching like 10%.

I may be a little more sensitive to the noise factor here than most people because recently I decided to make my LOUD computer quiet. It made a lot of noise so I decided to replace all the noisy fans inside with good quiet ones. So now you can barely tell it’s on except for my 2 hard drives that make some noise. Still I must say the 3550 is pretty noisy compared to my old NEC 2550 which didn’t make any noise and my regular dvd drive which also doesn’t make any noise.

Yes, I’ve read it, but meant another one…

Well I doubt different firmwares will change it but I’ll give em a try. What other ones are there for the 3550?

I just bought a 3550 a few weeks ago and was concerned about reports I had read regarding noisey operation. I have so far burned about 10 DVD’s and played several pressed DVD’s, and also tried some program installation CD’s: in my opinion, this drive makes no more noise than my ND-2500 or any other optical drive I own. My 3550 was manufactured in Jan 2006 and came with firmware version 1.05.

All I can suggest for others reporting noisey operation is to compare it with other optical drives. If your 3550 is much louder than RMA it – it might be ready to fail. If the noise is about the same as other drives, then get a louder PC! :wink:

Heh pretty funny. A couple of months ago I probably wouldn’t be able to hear it because I did have a loud pc. I had this fan on my graphics card that made my computer sound like an aircraft carrier. I decided to change the card to one with a big big heatsink and no fan, and then decided that I would also continue to “silence” my pc. Now it is very silent. I just bought the Benq 1655 drive and it is quieter than the NEC 3550. I must say it’s not as silent as I wish but I realize now the reason burns are louder is because they’re at 8x whereas they used to be only 4x with my old NEC 2550. Yep times are changin :slight_smile: