NEC 3550 A recommended burning speed

Hi guys,

I have a quick question for you. I have a NEC 3550A and I was just wondering, if I want to back up my DVDs – dump to hard drive and burn from hard drive to a blank DVD, what speed should I use? I usually buy a DVD+R 16x media, but I never burn with that speed as I think that the faster you burn the more issues you might have. So thinking that burning with 8x will produce best burn and most durable, thats what I have been doing…

But I think I read in some review a year ago that those drives that are made to burn with up to 16x perform better when you make them record at faster speeds compared to 6x, 8x …

What do you guys suggest I should burn with ? Or is there a tool which I can use to compare a 8x burnt dvd and a 16x dvd?

Thanks, in advance.


The burning speed that produces the best quality burns depends on media, drive and firmware. I have found very few examples, however, of 12x and faster burns being better than 6x/8x burns, so if you don’t care about burning time and don’t want to spend a lot of time testing different burning speeds on your drive, I suggest you try 6x or 8x.

I have some issues with my NEC 4551 (hardware identical to your NEC 3550) that makes 4x the only safe burning speed or the DVD might have unreadable sectors when read in a BenQ drive, but I haven’t seen other people posting about the same problem, so I don’t think you need to go as low as 4x to get the best result possible.

Burning at speeds below 4x can often cause problems with high-speed media in modern DVD burners, so I don’t recommend doing that unless you’re prepared to test your burns by performing Disc Quality Scans.

Aha, I see. Well, I am a quality freak and likes things to be done properly. therefore, thanks to you comments, I plan on not burning DVDs with 12x or above. I think somewhere in the middle – 8x – is a good choice and I will stick with it.

Thank you for the reply, mod :slight_smile:

Anyone else has other observations/theories :D? Or someone who would argue that best would be 6x as opposed to 8x ?


If you are a “Quality Freak” ensure that you only use known high quality Media.

Also suggest viewing the below Forum posting and note TheDangerousBros comment in posting #16 concerning Burning Speed ->


The best speeds I have had experiences with so far are 12X and 8X for burning.

I use firmware 1.y6 and had great luck at 12x most are even better then my 8x burns. I have been using Taiyo Yuden 8x media burning at 12x and Sony 16x also burnt at 12x with great success.