NEC 3550/4551 and Taiyo Yuden TYG02

I am having some trouble with my NEC 3550 drive.
I updated firmware to 1-Z2 and the drive is now a NEC 4551a.
It worked fine for several months, almost a year I think.

I recently bought a 100 pack of Taiyo Yuden 8x media from (TYG02 code)

I burned about 30 of those with no problems.
I now need to make copies of some of these discs for friends and I am having trouble because the NEC does not recognize them most of the time.

I use DVDDecrypter for 1:1 copies. The drive tries to read the disc for a long time, something like 30 seconds and then stops.
When I launch Decrypter it recognizes the disc as a an empty disc. (TYG02, disc is empty)
But it´s not! It´s a disc I burned on that very same drive 3 days ago!!!

However if I open Power DVD the discs play fine. (only tried two or three so far and am very worried…)

The discs is not visible using Windows Explorer.
What´s going on here?

I usually burn at 2X. Could it be the media?

Thanks in advance for your help

Best Regards,

PS: Hope this is the correct forum. I believe I may need a firmware update to get better results on this media.
If not I will post to the media forum. Thanks for your patience

You crossflashed the drive, that is not just flashing.

I suggest you check out the NEC/sony subforum and read the big crossflashing thread about x55x and x57x nec burners. :bigsmile:

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See for details on this common problem afflicting NEC drives.

Thanks for the re-direct to the other thread.

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