NEC 3550 1.Y6, where do I go from here? (multiple choice!)



Ok first of all let me say a big thank you to Liggy & Dee for all your hard work in the NEC burner world, it’s much appreciated. :bow:

I currently have a 3550 running 1.Y6. Where should I go from here?

A) Cross-flash it to (something?) it’s an older mfr date (don’t know the exact mfr date offhand but it should be cross-flashable to something)

B) Upgrade it to 1.F3 which has newer write strategies (this is important for some of the newer 16x media codes!)

C) Wait until Liggy/Dee modify 1.F3 with their usual tricks :wink:

D) Just leave it alone and/or upgrade to a 7170 (again with L&D firmware) :bigsmile:

I’m not currently leaning in any particular direction, but even IF I upgrade to a newer drive, the 3550 will still be in service.

Thank you :slight_smile:

  1. Leave it alone with 1Y6
  2. If its built before March 2006 you can “Crossflash” it and get “DVD-RAM” and labelscribe (or something like that) support
  3. Flash it with MadDog’s 1F3 firmware, which had already been tweaked by these folks

  1. Get a new drive…(I read the Pioneer 111D get good reviews???)

PS. I went from 1Y6 -> 1F3 last night, I have not been burning much but the two DVD’s I did with a TY02 DVD+R got me a score of 98% and the Memorex DVD-R gave me a 0% (Zero, zip, nada) score last night…It did not change too much for me with the DVD-R media. (YES I KNOW MEMOREX SUCKS…)


Thanks for the reply. I don’t really care about DVD-RAM support so if that’s all I’ll gain by cross-flashing then I’m not going to waste my time.

That mad dog firmware doesn’t add the media code speedups and bitsetting like other modified firmwares do (?) Those 2 things are important.

And if I’m going to upgrade the drive, I’m sticking with NEC :slight_smile:


I think the stock Maddog 1F3 does not do much, but on liggy/dee site they have a RPC1 version of it that I think they tweaked already. I have not notice any slowdown from 1Y6 when I did my 2 dvd’s last night. They both RIP the dvd at about 11x for me I always burn at 4X and I verfiy at 12X… No slowdown in speed with the 1F3 RPC1 from that link…I was also able to bitset my DVD+R’s DVD+R D/L and DVD+RW to be a DVD-ROM


The MadDog firmwares don’t need bitsetting patches because they already have bitsetting capabilities for DVD+R and DVD+RW. Actually these firmwares supply me with the bitsetting code for my patches in most cases. :wink:


Oh ok, thanks for clearing that up, Liggy. Sounds like the best bet is to just step it up to 1.F3 then? The write strategy versions (especially for +R, which is primarily what I use) is several versions newer, so hopefully it’ll handle some of these newer 16x disc media codes better.

PS The mfr date on my 3550 is December 2005, it’s been a pretty trusty drive!


Why not wait for the Pioneer 11[B]2[/B] instead?

The new Sony NEC Optiarc drvies aren’t bad :kiss:


I’m already planning on moving on up to the 7170, but as I posted before, even then my trusty 3550 will still be in service in another machine, so I want to do what’s best for it. :slight_smile: