Nec 3540a

i am going to purchase NEC 3540 any recommands about it ?
or any falues is also good to know

I just bought one also. It is a very good reader if you remove the riplock with mod firmware. It had about 5 firmware revisions since it was released, they are all called 1.01 so I don’t know what write strats you have. Anyway, in about a week I think new firmware wqill be released and all things should be as equal as they can get. You will be fine if you use good media (Tys or Verbs)

I’m satified with my 3540. So far he has been a good reader and with good media (taiyo yuden, mcc, ricohjpn) the burns have been great.

I couldn’t agree more. It has been getting some bad reviews on this forum, but I can only speak for the one I recieved. I have burned about 20 discs (all TYG02 and TYG-03 and MCC004 all have been flawless.

Let’s start a fanclub!!! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: