Nec 3540a write speed

i just got my nec 3540a.

i’m using TTG02 dvd-r 8x and ProdiscF01 dvd-r 8x media.

when i use dvd decryptor to burn an ISO file, the write speed starts at 4.1x, then 2 minutes later, goes to 6.0x, then 2 minutes later, goes to 8.3x, 2 minutes later goes to 7.3x, then 1 minute later goes to 8.3x, then 1 minute later the burning process is complete.

takes about 9 and a half minutes for a full dvd-r disc.

is this normal?

i remember using my cousins pioneer dvr-108 with the same media, the write process started at 8x and stayed at 8x till burning was complete (about 8 minutes)

by the way, the “device buffer” on dvd decrypter doesnt always stay at 100%.

it goes down to 85% to 98% every 8 seconds. one time it went down to 20%.

pc specs:

p4 2.8ghz hyper thread
200gb hdd
512mb ddr
geforce 6600 128mb

Yes, it is normal for NEC drives… they use that bloody time-wasting zone-constant linear velocity for 8x burns… the time gain from 6x burns is about 1 minute (11min)m so better burn the discs either at 6x or 12x if you can; by the way Pioneer does not start burning @8x but @6x, while changing to 8x after the first 15%. This buffer fluctuation is due to the laser power adjustment.

oh, ok, thanks. 9 minutes and a half isnt even a big deal, is it?

oh yeah, when i burn at 16x using Dynex dvd+r 16x media (RICOH?), it takes 6 minutes.

i guess what you were saying about nec’s 8x burning “lag” is true.

I have this problem too.

A full dvd image can take 10 minutes to burn at 8x - and when i burn 3gig it takes at least 8 minutes.

I have been looking all over and haven’t found the answer to this problem.

The disks im using are RiDiscXtreme 8x with the G05 die.

The device is master, and has a 60pin udma cable!


Hmm i’ve just noticed something else.

As said i have the RiDisk Xtreme 8x DVD-R with G05 die, and alcohol says illegal media at 8x, and then drops it to 4x.

Once the burn is completed, i look at the graphs and i see the duration of the burn is split into three sections, with the write speed for the first third at 4x, then 6x in the second third and finally at 8x in the final third.

What the hell is going on - a full burn on these disks takes a long long time, just did a 3 gig burn and it took 9 minutes!!

Any ideas?

You guys, this behavior is not a “problem”. As silly as this may sound… the speed shifting in NEC drives when selecting certain burn speeds such as 8x, is part of drive design and is intentional thus completely normal. Some drives don’t use Z-CLV (Zone Constant Linear Velocity) at certain speeds and use other writing methods instead such as CAV (constant angular velocity) or P-CAV (partial constant angular velocity) which tend to usually result in faster burn times due to the nature of it’s method of writing. So if you want to keep whining about how slow your burns are at 8x, then I’d suggest either burning your discs at 16x where you’ll be burning with CAV mode or just buy a drive that doesn’t use Z-CLV for any of it’s burn speeds and later wish that you stuck with the NEC because of it’s better overall burn quality.

Thanks for the informative reply. Just wondering if you know any reason why alcohol might be saying its an illegal burning speed at 8x?

some burns stay at 4.1x only with ProdiscF01 8x dvd-r media and RITEKG05 8x dvd-r media.

it never goes to 6x or 8x, only stayes at 4.1x and is finished burning in 14 minutes.

Got me… been wondering this myself as I get the same thing in Alcohol. If anybody reading this could explain why this could be… we’d love to hear from ya.

Is that the cable with the blue end? Is it attached to a “blue” ide master? I don’t remember if secondary ide ports have a blue connector. If you are not plugged into a blue ide port maybe you should try a regular 40 pin cable.

The blue end goes to the IDE port on the motherboard not to any devices. Slave is the middle connector and Master is the opposite end of the blue connector. There should be no problem using the 80 conductor/40-pin cable… (not “60-pin”) in fact, it’s advisable that you do use an 80 conductor IDE cable over a regular 40 conductor ATA-33 cable. Reason for this is because the 80 conductor cables have a ground wire for each data wire which reduces “cross-talk” which means better signal integrity for the data to flow.