NEC 3540A works with DVD but not CD

When I’m inserting a CD and trying to mount it (I am on Linux), there is “No medium found” error. I don’t even hear it is trying to spin a disk. I tested my drive on Windows XP and there is the same problem - it looks like there is no disk in the drive.

When I’m inserting the blank CD for writing test, it is the same - it says there is no CD in the drive and asks me to insert a blank CD.

Surprisingly, this drive reads DVD (both data and video) just fine!


I’ve installed the latest firmware (Dee’s ND3540 1.WB) in hope to fix that problem, but it didn’t help. There is netscan output:

#necflash -scan
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List of supported devices:

Device : /dev/hda
Vendor : _NEC
Model : DVD_RW ND-3540A
Firmware : 1.WB

(CD is actually inserted in the drive)
#necflash -querybt -v /dev/hda
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Currently no disc is inserted
Permanent booktype for DVD+R is DVD+R
Permanent booktype for DVD+RW is DVD+RW
Permanent booktype for DVD+R-DL is DVD-ROM
You have 500 changes left to change the permanent booktype settings
Your drive uses bitsetting version 4

Unfortunately it would appear that one part of the laser has failed. But before trashing the drive, check that Windows burning engine is switched off in the drives properties.

Yeah, I thought so but I’ve been confused of the fact that it worked with DVD’s.

I switched it off but it didn’t help. It seems it is really a time to buy new drive :frowning:


I have the same drive with the same problem running Debian. It will only read Dvd’s. I am not sure if it has always been like this. I mainly use DVD’s so I never really noticed. Thanks for saving me the time with binflash. At ~$30 the drive is disposable.