NEC 3540A Vs. BenQ 1640 For Use In External Enclosure and Internally

I am trying to decide between the NEC 3540A and the BenQ 1640 for use both internally and in a AMS VENUS DS-2512C 5.25" USB + IEEE 1394 external enclosure. This enclosure uses Oxford 911 and Cypress USB 2.0 chipsets. Typically I use TYG02 8x media for my burns. After reading the reviews of both of these burners I was leaning towards the BenQ 1640 for its burn quality with the TYG02 media and its burn checking abilities. However:

  1. I am very concerned about the compatibility of the BenQ 1640 with the external enclosure. Does anyone have any experience with this combination?

  2. Should I wait for the new NEC models?

I think you are going to have all sorts of problems with that enclosure.

I used to run an PX-708A in all sorts of external cases, when I upgraded to 16x I could only get a Prolific chipset case to work without errors with any of my 16x drives (DW1620, DW1640 and PX-716A)

I know for a fact that BenQ’s will not work correctly on an Oxford bridge chip, neither for that matter will Plextors. I have no experience with the Cypress USB chipset though so you may have luck.

Have you heard of any one having luck with the NEC 3540A and this enclosure?

Hi :slight_smile:
This caddy
I believe is similar to the one your referring to.
If this is the case then the BenQ 1640 with BEFB f/w & using USB gives excellent results. Firewwire not so good.
Nec’s 3540a outperformed the 1640(provided BS** f/w was used), but not in same league once 1640 crossflashed to BEFB.
You’ll note that most people prefer the prolific chipset.

I think that the external enclosure that you linked uses a different chipset so I am not sure the BenQ would work in my case.