Nec 3540a TYG02 + or -?



hi i have the nec 3540a
and i would like to know which media to use taiyo yuden
dvd- or dvd+ for best quality or the only difference is about
the capability to dvd roms(home and pc)



This is not a definitive answer, but from the scans I’ve seen here the +R TY discs seem to give slightly better results. I don’t use them myself, I only use -R TY discs (no special reason, just got used to them…), the quality is top-notch anyway, so I don’t care at all about the small difference. :disagree:


Agree with Franksoy. Most users like the +R version of the TY and from what I have seen this media is good in just about every new writer. Taiyo Yuden TYG03 16x DVD-R also burn very well in the Nec 3540 @16x. Make sure you change the booktype to DVD-Rom if you use the +R for better playback compatibility.:slight_smile:


:iagree: But to do so, you’ll need to go with Liggy and Dee modified firmwares, as the 3540A doesn’t support bitsetting for SL media with the official firmware. It only supports bitsetting for DL media.


Yep I should have expanded on that!! So basically if you dont want to use Modified bitsetting FW and void your warranty you are better off with -R.
Just a note I have used the modified bitsetting FW in my Nec 3520 and have had no issues. If your drive messes up for some reason just flash it back to stock FW before sending it back.:slight_smile:


:disagree: Not with Liggy and Dee’s 1.WX! :cop:
“Q: Will flashing my drive with this firmware void my guarantee?
A: Yes, flashing your drive with any unofficial firmware will null your guarantee. If something should go wrong with your drive, you should buy a new one and not RMA the drive.”

Dee has already explained in another thread that flashing to unofficial firmware “sets flags” that don’t disappear when going back to official firmware! The warranty is void whatever you do.

I think that Liggy’s modified 1.01 with bitsetting doesn’t have the same drawback. Not sure though.


@Francksoy.That’s good info. It’s hard to keep up with all the info. I know I didn’t like my 3520 much until I used the Bitsetting FW. Like I said I had no issues using modded FW and drives are pretty cheap nowadays.:wink: You would think all new drives would have bitsetting as a standard or even an option.


Totally agree here. I personally flashed to 1.W5 without any second thoughts. In a time when DVDRW drives cost about the price of a couple of DVD movies, I definitly don’t mind taking this “risk”… :wink:

“You would think all new drives would have bitsetting as a standard or even an option.”

It’s less and less of an issue because old standalone players that don’t accept +R are rapidly disappearing. Personally I never had to use bitsetting as yet. All of my drives and players and my friends’ players accept +R discs. Nevertheless, I agree that they could include it in their firmwares, its not like if there was any technical difficulty to implement it!! :rolleyes: