NEC 3540A slow ripping speeds

I have an NEC 3540A with 1.W7 rpc1 firmware. It burns between 14-16X but when it reads the disk it wont hardly go above 2.0-2.1 for some reason.

Any ideas

do a transfer rate test in nero cd/dvd speed and post the graph

How do I post the graph on the website?? Well I dont know how it got there but theres some kind of graph. Is that what you were looking for??

that is certainly about 2x it is actually 12x peak on a DL disc. so what is the problem you are asking about?

I was wondering why I am getting a 2x read speed when it should be up toward 12x instead.

I see speeds from 5x to 12 x on the graph above. From where do you get the idea of 2x?

DVD Decrypter was giving me an almost constant speed of 2x.