NEC 3540A - Slow burning

Fresh install of windows 1.03 firmware. Roxio 7.5 installed.

Attempted burning a memorex 8x dvd-r disc with a result of 1.7x. installed newest aspi layer but highest i can get is 6.2x. It is recognized as udma33 in bios of a 18n-sli mobo with latest firmware. Why is this drive not burning at 8x, and do i need the aspi layer installed or is it roxio?

Sounds like DMA is disabled!

I checked that and it is coming up as DMA2 Ultra 33. I am thinking either it takes a while for the drive to get to speed or Roxio is just horrible at updating its current speed. by the end of the burn the average speed is now 8.3x. I think i will give nero a try and see how it reports the speed.

I think i have narrowed it down to my aspi layer. How do i go about removing the adaptec aspy (currently version 4.71.2)

search for forceaspi

also to confirm the burning speed download nero cd/dvd speed and run the create disc test and post the graph

I have the same writer and mine’s not burning fast as it should. Not nearly. I tried to burn about 7 DVD+R’s the other day and the average speed it would go at is x1.4 for each of them. I decided to do a speed test, and it came up as shown (on a DVD-RW, but its the same speed as if it were a DVD+R)

I did that DMA thing you told the other guy to do, but that didn’t work.

May I get tips as well?

DMA DMA DMA DMA DMA and DMA is your only problem. there is more than one resolution to dma so keep searching and following instructions until you get it

I just wanted to thank you for pointing me in the right direction to fix my ND-3520a slow burn issue. I had to reinstall Win2000 the other day and afterwards burning time went from 10mins to over 25mins!! After reading this thread I checked the dma options, instead of primary and secondary ide all I had was two identical lines of ultra ata. Remembering that I had installed the ultra ata driver that came on my motherboard disc , I uninstalled the driver, rebooted and the primary and secondary ide channels were back and best of all my burn times are back to normal. This little story will probably not help the other people on this thread but I felt the need to make my first post…Thanks again

Software related?

Mine (when it used to burn ) only went 6-7x with 1Click but burns @ 16x with Nero 7.