NEC 3540a slow burning :(



i just burned a dvd at 8x and in nero it says like 6 something minutes but it takes 10 mins to burn it… what is go’n on

edith: i just looked under device manger ide ata/atapi controller thingy

and i have 3 primary ide channel thingys
1st one says udma 2
2nd one not applicable
3rd one says udma 6

and i have 3 secondary ide channel thingys
1st one says udma 2
2nd one says not applicable
3rd one says not applicable

could this be the problem should all says udma mode

i only have 2 ide drives one is my cdrom burner on primary master and dvd burner is on secondary master…so what is the 3rd ide drive? my harddrive is sata… :confused:

never mind that last part its my virtual drive…god i’m a dumb ass sometimes :slight_smile:


Hey ninja,

Sounds normal to me. An 8x burn usually takes about 9-10min to complete. The only way you’ll get a 6min burn is if you burn at 16x, so I don’t think you have a problem. Usually though if you burn at 16x, the burn won’t turn out quite as good as at 8x, you can do it if you want though, but I’d scan your discs to make sure you’re getting OK burns. Personally I think 9min for 4 1/2 G’s of data isn’t bad, I always burn at 8x. Don’t always trust what programs say will be the estimated time remaining. Sometimes you’ll have something running on your comp that says it will take however many minutes, but it actually completes much faster, or much slower. And yes, your drives should be in udma mode to run at their fast speeds, pio mode is what you don’t want.


NEC burners are slower than others when burning at 8x.
Other drives need less than 8 mins for that.


Are you using a 80-wire IDE cable?