NEC 3540A - Riplock locked?


Using a 3540A and it’s been fine with Liggy & Dee’s marvelous patches but lately it will not read a DVD faster than 4.7 x or so and then levels out at 4.1

Writing is the same way, it accelerates to 4.1 & parks at that speed. I just backed up an iso using ImgBurn and I set it for 8x speed and it identified that but burned at 4.1. It recycled and did the verify and that top ended at 4.4

I don’t have drive speed or any other DVD oriented program running to interfere. My media is Taiyo Yuden TYG02 8x rated & a week or so ago it was ripping at full speed with Decrypter and writing at whatever speed I set it at. I’m using the same media.

I’ve tried flashing with different patches & then rebooting but nothing seems to make a difference.

Anyone have an idea?


This drive used to read really fast & now it’s locked.

did you look at dma settings


Under device manager > system properties there is no option to select DMA. Right clicking properties under the CD drive shows no option to select DMA it does show it is set to record at the fastest speed.

I have selected nothing to change the DMA. The only place I know to select PIO or DMA is in the bios and I haven’t been there in months.

Try removing the IDE contoller in device manager and restart the PC, allowing Windows to re-install the IDE drivers. For best performance with optical drives, use MS default IDE drivers.

Hiya Dee,

I’ve got three controllers listed under IDE controllers NVIDIA nForce4 controllers. I’m using a lanparty board & dual core Opteron.

NVIDIA nForce ADMA Controller: PCI bus 0, device 7, function 0
NVIDIA nForce ADMA Controller: PCI bus 0, device 8, function 0
NVIDIA nForce ADMA Parallel ATA Controller: PCI bus 0, device 6, function 0

Not sure if I remove these if the proper controllers for my nForce4 will be restored.

Should I remove some or all of them?


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you should only remove the one on which your drive is on (i guess the last one p-ata)

nero info-tool could give you a clou

Yes, thank you both. I removed the parallel one, rebooted and the read speed is back to normal. It restored the nForce drivers though, not the M$ ones. It did deal with the problem though!

Thank you again for the great help.

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